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this blog was hibernated.
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Many people get scared just when they heard the name:marijuana.
The same people,in a discussion about hemp,praise the different uses of hemp.
Is it possible that only a synonymous could change the opinion?
We do not believe is possible.

The problem,for us,is the historical,political and cultural legacy we have inherited from 30’s and especially from the media that everyday give us an information everyday more biased and under the controll of lobbies that are trying to controll our mind and (just like in Bradubury’s book “Fahrenheit 451“) would like to see us,motionlesses looking tv.
We don’t want to “make information on 360 degrees”,but we only would like to give you a bit of truth in a sea of false allarmism and metropolitan legends against hemp.
We would like to show that another way (opposited prohibitionism) is today possible,and already exist places where this way is followed.

We will try to show the power of this plant,her medical,industrial,alymentary and cosmetic uses and everything we think is important to know about. We are doing this for an our common passion and because are trying to give awareness about an unfairly persecuted plant.

We don’t want to istigate the use,or worst the abuse,of a forbidden substance (in Italy),but diffuse true information that could reach much people as possible.We will be happy if only a person will inform himself about hemp after the reading of this blog.

We don’t want to change the world,make a revolution or that people believe us in a blind way.
We want only that people heard our voice,we want to inform.

Hempyreum Weblog Team