Just a little of Hemp’s History

May 2, 2008

Researchers trace hemp’s history as an industrial crop back some 10,000 years when the fiber was first utilized by the Chinese to make ropes and eventually paper. Hemp’s wide array of industrial uses first rose to prominence in America during the colonial era when many of the founding fathers espoused its versatility. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were strong advocates for a hemp-based economy and both cultivated the crop for its fiber content. Most of the sails and ropes on colonial ships were made from hemp as were many of the colonists’ bibles and maps. The early settlers also used hemp seeds as a source for lamp oil and some colonies made hemp cultivation compulsory, calling it’s production necessary for the “wealth and protection of the country.”

Hemp continued to be cultivated in America until 1937 when Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act outlawing marijuana. Although not a bill specifically aimed at industrial hemp production, legal limitations posed by the legislation quickly put an end to the once prominent industry.

Hemp production briefly re-emerged in 1942 when the federal government encouraged hundreds of American farmers to cultivate hemp for the war effort. Armed with a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) film entitled “Hemp for Victory,” thousands of farmers grew hundreds of thousands of acres of hemp for wartime needs. Unfortunately, when World War II ended, so did the government’s allowance of hemp cultivation. By 1957, prohibitionists had reasserted a total ban on hemp production. That federal ban remains in effect today.

Compiled from: NORML Hemp Facts

Hi, we’re a young gang and we love hemp. But even all, we love free information. Without industrial and political influences, information springs free by passion, realism, consciousness and if we’ll be able to inform just a guy at the day in legal e correct way we will be satisfied.. Because, in Italy, we are hungry of truth and tired of knowing four years later how things have actually gone, like the Parmalat gate for example, and it should not be a comic actor to save us from the bad information.
Free information for a free world
Never forget it.

Hempyreum weblog team

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