Barack Obama,Hillary Clinton,John McCain and Cannabis

May 23, 2008

Barack Obama admitted he smoked cannabis (“It was reflective of the struggles and confusion of a teenage boy” he said) and also sniffed cocaine and “appreciate that many physicians believe that medicinal marijuana can be helpful to some patients”.
But it was in 2006…..
Currently,Obama’s spokesman Tommy Viator said
“Senator Obama does not believe in legalization of marijuana, but agrees with President Bush that long minimum sentences for first-time drug users may not be the best way to occupy jail space or heal people from their disease” and Obama’s position is not so clearly defined.

Hillary Clinton said she’s against the persecution of therapeutic use of cannabis and,as president,she will stop the federal raids against patients.

John McCain said “I don’t think marijuana is healthy, I don’t think that it is good for people, and there is a large body of medical opinion that says there is plenty of other medications that are more effective and better and less damaging to one’s health to use to relieve pain. So I will continue to look at it on your behalf and many other young people who feel very strongly about it, but right now my answer to you is no”.
Senator McCain,interwiewed about therapeutic use,had answered “I will let states decide that issue”.

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