Italy: It could be even worst…

June 4, 2008

In the new italian parliament there are no more “hemp friends”.
The government’s coalition is right oriented and prohibitionist. The biggest party (“Popolo delle libertà) is born by the fusion of “Forza Italia” and “Alleanza nazionale”. Alleanza nazionale ‘s leader ,Gianfranco Fini, is the co-author of the strongest antidrug law in Europe and in the “occidental world” and the other coalition party ,Lega Nord, approved this law.

The “left” party (“democratici di sinistra”,Margherita”,now “Partito democratico”) didn’t really try to change this law during the last 2 years of Prodi’s government (only a small and useless review,deleted not much time later) as was written in the electoral program.

Radical Left parties are outside the parliament and they were the only ones parties where someone declare himself against prohibitionism.

In the next five years,the Italian law could become only more strong against hemp and the recent controversy against smart and grow shop and the Italian fair “Cannabis tipo forte” are a clear signal of new way.

This link is explains the current law and his story.

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