June 10, 2008

The Press editorial board saw fit to side with the Drug  Policy  Alliance’s support for medical marijuana and  penalty reduction for  drug users.  ( “Time to snuff out  reefer madness,” June 2, and “Let  the judges decide,”  May 31.  )

If the newspaper had done its homework, it would find  these efforts  are part of a nationally organized  campaign.  The Drug Policy  Alliance’s Web site makes it  clear these initiatives are a smoke  screen for an  agenda to legalize all illegal drugs.  These groups  have worked to legalize global trade and the use of all  illegal  drugs for more than 20 years.

The alliance’s medical marijuana campaign exploits  people’s natures  to help others but distorts medical  research or manufactures bogus  research to reach their  ends of getting bills passed.

I doubt if any of us could find a neighbor or family  member who has  not been affected by the drug war.  While  we would hope no child  starts using any type of drug,  it is up to responsible adults,  educators, law  enforcement and public officials to ensure youth and  adults live in a way that does not endanger themselves  or the public.

Judges do not send first-time offenders to jail.  They  rely on  pretrial intervention or treatment to give  offenders “blinders,”  like on a horse, in the hope it  will narrow their focus to better,  long-term  self-interest.

Hard-core offenders involved in other anti-social and  criminal  activity must be controlled.  International  drug cartels threaten to  take over countries such as  Mexico and the institutions that launder money.

Who would still support it knowing the real goal is to  put their  “foot in the door” to ultimately legalize all  drug use?

Source: Asbury Park Press (NJ)

Website: http://www.app.com/


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