Elena’s marijuana

June 24, 2008

This video is only in italian:

This video narrates the story of Elena,affected by multiple sclerosis.
She is caring multiple sclerosis with cannabis and she doesn’t suffer of collateral disorders caused by normal drugs.
Elena discovered medical cannabis in Sovietic Union,and she continued with doctor Ada Francia in Italy.
She had bought cannabis in street from pushers (bad quality cannabis) so she decided to cultivate her medical cannabis.Police discovered it but luckily pm asked archiviation.
In February 2008 Elena received permission to buy medical cannabis from Holland (90 gr for 824 euro,one month of treatment).This type of cannabis is not good enough and she didn’t received cannabis for the month later.Currently she keeps on curing his illness with cannabis,but in illegal way…

I believe i should be free to smoke cannabis without be persecuted,but therapeutic use MUST be free.
It is an injustice that people like Elena and other ones suffering of illnesses are persecuted and can’t treat themselves in the better way.

2 Responses to “Elena’s marijuana”

  1. valmax83 Says:

    Good post, albert!

  2. […] to another story of unjustice in Italy: https://hempyreumenglish.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/elenas-marijuana/ No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI […]

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