Drug test in italian parliament

June 25, 2008

In October 2006 a popoular tv transmission (“Le iene”) had done a secret drug-test on 50 members of italian parliament.
The result was incredible: 1/3 of members use drugs.

The report was stopped and starded an incredible discussion:is it correct a secret drug-test for parliament’s member?
I think it isn’t correct,but:

-it wasn’t possibile recognize the members (the faces were obscurated and voices changed)
-the tests were mixed,so it wasn’t possible recognize whic test a members had used
-Italy has the strongest anti-drug law in Europe and one of the strongest in “occidental world”
-it was the first time for a drug-scandal among italian parliament’s members.Emilio Colombo (more than 80 years old) ammited he use cocaine as therapy (cocaine therapy…) and he didn’t suffered of restriction (as example jail,driving license and passaport suspended)

The tv-report was stopped,the trasmission fined and some party proposed drug-test for every members,but nothing has done.

On 10 june 2008 the italian supreme court condamned the transmission because the report “had demanged the public imagine and onorability of parliaments”.

Today, Carlo Giovanardi (the co-author of the anti-drug law,with Gianfranco Fini) has admitted that drug ,particularly cocaine, is diffused also in parliament.He said also drug test will be done for every category of workers that could be “on risk”.
He forget members of parliament…


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