New Laws Have Tougher Penalties for Pot Growers

June 30, 2008

Starting Tuesday, a new state law will bring harsher penalties for marijuana growers.

Under the new Florida law, a “grow house” will be classified as a building containing 25 or more marijuana plants. Before, the threshold was 300 plants. The charge will remain a second-degree felony.

“Our laws were way out of date on that,” Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum told the Tallahassee Democrat .

The law also allows law-enforcement agencies to dispose of grow-house equipment after taking pictures or recording video.

Tallahassee police say that in the past, they have had to store every single marijuana plant and piece of equipment until the people arrested went to trial.

“The storage is expensive, and we spend a lot of time packaging the material, time we could be investigating other criminal activity,” said David McCranie, spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department.

Also, it will be a third-degree felony for someone to own, lease or rent a place while knowing that it is being used for drug trafficking or making drugs.

Here are highlights of other new Florida laws taking effect Tuesday:

n Salvia divinorum , a plant native to Mexico, and Salvinorin A, both believed to cause hallucinogenic effects, will be illegal to possess or sell.

  • People who can’t pay fines for noncriminal traffic offenses will be able to pay off their debt through community service.
  • Aggravated abuse of an elderly person or disabled adult will be a first-degree felony. Law-enforcement personnel will be trained over the next three years to better recognize abuse.
  • Law-enforcement agencies will have to adopt written policies and procedures to be used when investigating missing-children and missing-adult reports.
    • People who have been wrongfully convicted of a crime and incarcerated in the state Department of Corrections system will be able to seek compensation.



    One Response to “New Laws Have Tougher Penalties for Pot Growers”

    1. jsknow Says:

      THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT MARIJUANA IS A SAFE AND EFFECTIVE MEDICINE. In 1988, after reviewing all evidence brought forth in a lawsuit against the government’s prohibition of medical marijuana, the DEA’s own administrative law judge (Judge Francis Young) wrote:
      “The evidence in this record clearly shows that marijuana has been accepted as capable of relieving the distress of great numbers of very ill people, and doing so with safety under medical supervision. It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for the Drug Enforcement Administration to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence.”
      … Judge Francis Young of the Drug Enforcement Administration went on to say: “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known. In strict medical terms, marijuana is safer than many foods we commonly consume.” Judge Young recommended that the DEA allow marijuana to be prescribed as medicine, but the DEA has refused.

      On March 22, 1972: The Richard Nixon-appointed, 13-member National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse recommended the decriminalization of marijuana, concluding, “[Marijuana’s] relative potential for harm to the vast majority of individual users and its actual impact on society does not justify a social policy designed to seek out and firmly punish those who use it.”

      It’s time to remove all the politicians that promote prohibition.
      How many more lives have to be needlessly devastated or lost?
      Prohibited drugs are way easier for kids to get than regulated drugs!
      Prohibition never works it just causes crime and violence.

      The USA spends $69 billion a year on the drug war, builds 900 new prison beds and hires 150 more correction officers every two weeks, arrests someone on a drug charge every 17 seconds, jails more people than any nation and has killed over 100,000 citizens in the drug war.

      In 1914 when there were no prohibited drugs 1.3% of our population was addicted to drugs, today 1.3% of our population is still addicted to drugs but there’s way more crime and violence because of the huge profits prohibition generates. Drugs today are more potent, more readily available and less expensive than they were in the early 70’s when Richard Nixon started the war on drugs. Every time you look at the news you see more and more drug busts involving bigger and bigger quantities of drugs, not less and less… doesn’t that call for change?

      “Jury Nullification”, learn more here: If you are called for jury duty and you don’t agree with the law the person is charged with, you have the right to vote not guilty, no matter what evidence is produced. Jurors implementing this right in all non-violent drug cases will shut down the ridiculous laws of prohibition. One juror in each case is all it takes. The bottom line is a juror has the right to judge not only the accused person but the law the person is accused of breaking. Don’t be intimidated stick to your position.

      There’s only been one drug success story in history, tobacco, by far the most deadly and one of the most addictive drugs. Almost half the users quit because of regulation, accurate information and medical treatment. No one went to jail and no one got killed.

      The right; to freedom of religion, free speech, a free press, to keep and bear arms, to be secure in your person, house, papers and effects against unreasonable search and seizure, to life, liberty and property, to be protected from having your property taken by the government without due process of law and without just compensation, to confront the witnesses against you, to be protected from excessive bail, excessive fines, cruel and unusual punishment, to vote and many others have been denied to millions of Americans in the name of the drug war.

      Take action. Join the email list, Watch the videos:
      Internet explorer:
      Other browsers:

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