Fabrizio Pellegrini arrested for medical cannabis

July 4, 2008

Fabrizio Pellegrini is 40 years old.
He is a 40 years old artist, a painter and musician, and suffer for reumathoid arthritis.

He use medical cannabis and he has been arrested seven time in last seven years. Every year police enter in his home,find some cannabis plant and small quantities of marijuana.
He use cannabis as pharma,he is not a drug-dealer and police never accused him of this.

This year,on 30 june (the day of his 40th birthday) ,police entered in his home and found (just like every time) some plants and some marijuana and sent him in Chieti’s prison.

His doctor had prescribed him “Bedrocan” ,the therapeutic cannabis produced and sold in Holland.The iter for “Bedrocan” in Italy is very long, it is quite impossible to obtain and many users say that “Bedrocan” has a lower effect.

Chieti A.S.L. (the agency of italian healty minister) didn’t pay the “Bedrocan” which cost 900 euros every month in Italy and only with the help of P.I.C. (association of medical cannabis users) he obtained “Bedrocan”.
The second time that Fabrizio asked “Bedrocan” ,Chieti’s A.S.L. asked him 2000 euros!It is an unjustice!

Why Fabrizio should pay every month an incredible price for medical cannabis?And why italian healty minister doesn’t want to pay the treatment of Fabrizio?

Link (in italian) to P.I.C. website and the story of Fabrizio:

Link to another story of unjustice in Italy:

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